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About Me 

Jill Carty is a writer/performer living in Los Angeles by the way of New Jersey. You should ask her how she got out…it was quite a journey. She is married to comedy and has performed at the Groundlings, Upright Citizens Brigade, and IO West and occasionally flirts with stand up.


In 2013, Jill wrote and performed her one woman show, “And Another Thing” based on her real life experience of struggling to find herself after loosing her parents and a long term relationship all in one shot. It was a laugh riot. No seriously, nothing beats therapy through comedy.


Jill lives in West Hollywood with the apartment complex communal cat, Gracie. You can see her performing improv regularly with LoLa at IO West and with Xtra Cheese at various UCB venues.


Fun Facts 
  • Jill is the youngest of three semi-beautiful Carty daughters.


  • Jill is obsessed with Aretha Franklin. She is awaiting the day when she gets the call from Aretha’s people to join her tour so she can she stop belting her songs in her underwear.


  • Jill loves to travel and just got back from Costa Rica and Spain where she wowed the locals with her high school Spanish.


  • Growing up in New Jerersy and Long Island, Jill has close ties to the east coast. If you give her some cocktails and make her say “dog” or “coffee," her roots will become very clear.


  • Jill is an avid coffee drinker, so please don’t approach her in the morning without coffee and a smile.


  • Jill is an advocate of cheese and does not discriminate based on size, smell, or taste.


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